Self-Propelled Hyperbaric Lifeboat

In the event of a major incident, the Self Propelled Hyperbaric Lifeboat (SPHL) is to excavate and rescue the divers form the dive support vessel while they are under a hyperbaric condition. Vanguarde’s Self Propelled Hyperbaric Lifeboat (SPHL) is designed and built to SOLAS 86 regulations and CLASS approved by ABS and DNV. The boat has intergrated a hyperbaric chamber with a fully equipped saturation diving system



The  lifeboat is designed to be launched by gravity davit system, equipped with the lifeboat release and release system – ‘Csafe’ Hook. The system supports all lauching and recovery functions as required by IMO/SOLAS/ABS

The SPHL is available in different sizes, up to 24 divers per SPHL.

Vanguarde’s Self Propelled Hyperbaric Lifeboat comes with the following:

  • Approved by major classification societies and flag states
  • Integrate alternative hyperbaric chambers and diving systems for our respective client’s needs
  • Support up to 72 hours of survival capability
  • Support u[up to 300m dive depth
  • Excellent sea-keeping and maneuverability with additional bow thruster
  • Superior interval space for easy maneuver around the chamber
  • Additional storage of essential supplies

Hyperbaric Lifeboatsn – SPHL

(LxBxD) M
VG9.50HLB 5.7 x 2.3 x 3.1 12+4 ≥6 8.7 18000
VG10.50HLB 7.5 x 2.86 x 3.35 18+4 ≥6 9.7 22000
VG13.00HLB 8.5 x 3.2 x 3.3 22+4 ≥6 12.28 25000
VG13.00HLBLR 10.5 x 3.7 x 3.75 18+4(500msv) ≥6 12.28 26500