Lifting Gear & Load Test

Various Cranes, Lifeboat, Rescue Boat, And Davit Load Test

 As per SOLAS ’96 regulation chapter III 20.11.2 and latest IMO/ MSC/
Cir.1206rev 1, Lifeboat, Rescue boat and davits require to be load tested after 5
yearly services.

Lifting Gear Services

Our service engineer certified to conduct NDT / MPI test and equipped with few
different sizes of water bags and load cells will be ready to meet your criteria to
load test your equipment as requested.

Gangway And Ladder

Gangway and accommodation ladders are now subject to annual load testing
and recertification, effective as of January 1st 2010 As per IMO-MSC 1331. DMS
services team equipped with water bolsters is able to undertake this program
efficiently and professionally.